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At WJ Office we’re an independent furniture dealer proudly offering the best office furniture and supplies available. As a complete office outfitter, WJ possesses the products, technologies and skills required to equip any workspace. Being an independent dealer, we are able to offer a much wider array of options for the developing workplace. Rather than limiting our clients to options from only one or two manufacturers, we provide you with a broad palette of choices and selections.This means your office gets exactly the furniture it needs instead of having to settle for something less than perfect.

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Seating Solutions

Working at a desk all day can be the source of many health issues. Sitting in a chair for hours means protecting ourselves by investing in a chair that will protect us. Our chair is truly an investment towards our effectiveness while at the office.

Desking & Workspaces

Modular workspace systems provide an ease of communication and workflow. Pair that with a beautiful aesthetic and creativity flourishes. We have a host of options that will be sure to satisfy your needs and compliment the style of any workplace.


Ergonomics has justifiably become a top priority in many companies. Investing in the health of employees always produces a return. Speak to one of our furniture specialists to determine what ergonomic options are right for you.

Furniture Design

We take great joy in helping to outfit individuals with seating and workspaces that are effective and beautiful. But our commitment to great workspaces doesn’t stop there. We have designers on staff who will work meticulously with you to customize your entire office and design a furniture plan that right for you. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

Showroom Appointments

We are now booking reservations for Ergonomic Consultations in our Showroom. Come demo products and have your ergonomic questions answered.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Furniture Repair

Click Here for Furniture Repair

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