Cleaning for Health

Consistent with WJ Office’s mission statement, staying on the cutting edge of innovation is tedious work. Education, research, and diligence is at the core of each of our divisions, and cleaning is no exception.

WJ’s Eco-Clean division is focused on a “cleaning for health” mindset, where toxicity and corrosiveness have no place. Through state of the art chemicals, forward thinking processes, and innovative tools, we look first to be a resource of information on the why’s and how’s that come with updating a customer’s cleaning protocols. Simplicity drives standardization, standardization drives savings.


Cleaning is not only the first line of defense in preventing infections in a healthcare facility, it is also the most important. Using guidelines established by the CDC and EPA, we work hard to show our customers how they can use safe/nontoxic chemicals and fine-tune their cleaning processes to reduce or eliminate Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI).


While infection prevention is important, most in the education industry would consider work loading to be their biggest obstacle. Making the cleaning process simple and safe makes front-line staff more efficient and confident in their decision making. We help our customers do this by consolidating their chemical inventory and providing them with the training tools to simplify the process of cleaning and drive efficiency. After all, 90% of the cost of cleaning is labor.

Featured Dispensers

Wausau 80200
Toilet tissue dispenser

Wausau 80300
Toilet tissue dispenser

Wausau 91210
Liquid soap dispenser

Wausau 86800
Hand Towel dispenser